Part II Minute 105 – Football Field Paradox

Part 2 Minute-00105

As the credits continue, Scott and Nick wrap up┬áthe Part II segment of the “Paradox” draft and answer your emails about cliffhangers and Biff ripples.


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3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 105 – Football Field Paradox

  1. So you’re saying Bob Z was thinking, “We want a future that doesn’t look like Blade Runner…Let’s get the set decorator from Blade Runner.”

    Your description of the football field tunnel shot in the Paradox draft: Not only would the Western Union man be a shadow in the background, Marty would be lit from the front by the flickering orange glow of the fire he set on the almanac. Spooky level increased.

    Hill Valley’s mascot looks to be a bulldog based on this prototype letterman jacket prop from the movies:

    BORING. Einstein should have been their mascot.

    You can’t ever get back to the future you left, which is the ultimate irony of the movie’s title.
    Back to A Future.

    Not The Future You Remember <—- remake title ?

  2. The part three party should be referred to as ” The Enchantment Under the Clock Dance”.

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