Part II Minute 102 – Marty Mathematics

Part 2 Minute-00102

Marty arrives at Courthouse Square moments after he was sent back to the future, surprising a horrified Doc.

GUEST: A.J. Odasso


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 102 – Marty Mathematics

  1. This is my favorite part of the whole movie, too. Few movie scenes fill me with so much excitement and anticipation. The music cue when Marty peels around the corner is probably a big reason why. It sounds like the score goes sideways as the scene the audience knew and history itself is re-arranged.

    This is really the last instance of the trilogy in which some backwards, weird time-travel action happens. Yeah, they go to 1885 and back in the last film, but part two has been a complete circus act and it’s ended once and for all in this big moment.

    (Sidenote: a lot of revisiting of scenes occurs in this movie, I’m not sure why this instance stands out most. Maybe because the stakes are the highest here. Maybe because it’s the climax of two movies in one? I don’t know, when I think of Marty seeing himself play Johnny B. Goode, it’s cool and all, but it doesn’t have the weight of this sequence.)

    You’ve noticed the back-and-forth blocking Marty and Doc often have, swapping places and changing their distance from the camera. This might be the most extreme example of that, as we get to see Marty runrunrun from down the street, closer to the camera before he U-turns to grab Doc.

    Am I imagining that Doc says “what” as Marty is shouting his name over and over? I’m imagining that, right.

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