Part II Minute 101 – Understanding the Fourth Dimension

Part 2 Minute-00101

Marty realizes the only man alive who can help him reach 1885.

GUEST: A.J. Odasso


Special Thanks to Patreon Associate Producer: Leaper 182

One thought on “Part II Minute 101 – Understanding the Fourth Dimension

  1. The Western Union guy joining Doc and Marty in 1885 is a great idea. But let’s be honest, we saw how fast Doc knocked Jennifer out at the beginning of this movie, Mr. Western Union would be chloroformed before he left Doc’s driveway.

    AW YES. Marty says his 500th kick-butt line: “There’s only one man who can help me,” and the theme kicks in and it’s the biggest fist-pumping moment. Maybe some young audience members had, after seeing the DeLorean get struck by lightning, presumed Doc was dead and gone forever. The cut to Christopher Lloyd’s comically surprised face in that familiar sticky situation is such a relief. Not to mention 1955 Doc trying to return Marty to 1985 seems a quaint task now, considering how many ways he and Marty have tied knots in their timelines, since.

    Thinking about how the timelines match up:
    Beta Marty runs out of the dance (knocking himself out with the door) and then runs to change into his 1985 clothes and meet Doc in Courthouse Square. Alpha Marty gets knocked out by the door, gets chased through a tunnel by Biff, burns the almanac, sees Doc get struck by lightning, and runs two miles back to Hill Valley. All in the same time frame.

    It must have taken Beta Marty a long time to change clothes. I remember Doc comments on it in the first movie. Did Marty stow them in the trunk of Doc’s car? Were they like scattered throughout Doc’s house? Did Doc throw them out to hide their anachronicity? Did Marty have to pull his puffy vest out of a garbage can omg

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