Part II Minute 10 – Predicting 2015

Part 2 Minute-00010

Doc shows Marty a newspaper detailing the arrest of Marty McFly Jr.

GUEST: Tony Thaxton of Motion City Soundtrack


3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 10 – Predicting 2015

  1. Any time travelers from the ’80s would see everyone with iPhones and iPads and all kinds of stuff. Like, there’s a number of people who are basically glued to their phones. And then there’s finding out the Internet exists, because it really picked up steam in the very late ’90s.

    The thing about “President Says She’s Tired” reminds me about Doctor Who. There’s an episode where there was this female MP, and it’s the Tenth Doctor, and at some point, she did something pretty reprehensible (I can’t remember what though, help me out?), and the Tenth Doctor is like, “I can ruin you with just six words.”

    “Don’t do it, please–”



    And then the Doctor walks away, and he comes across this random aide or whoever, and so he says, “Don’t you think she looks tired?” and it apparently got into the newspaper and ruined her career, or something.


    In terms of the theft that Marty Jr. gets involved in, I always got the impression that Griff was trying to knock over a bank? And if it was armed robbery that could’ve been plausible? Maybe the theft was with these heavy machine guns, and then there was an accidental hostage situation? Maybe I’m getting too awesome and complex with it, though. Given the feel of this movie, it would just be a dumb theft and Marty Jr. stole some gum or something. *eyeroll*


    I miss the idea that there could’ve been a movie that focused on Lorraine similar to how Part I focused on George. She didn’t need the kind of personality overhaul that George needed, but I wonder if she needed some kind of help in order to become the person she is in 1985.

    And man, could you imagine Lorraine being a flower-child while Dave and Linda are little kids? Because Dave would’ve been seven years old or something around 1967. The only trouble is that Lorraine would’ve been around 29 or 30? I mean, it’s still possible to be a flower child then, especially with Lea Thompson youthful good looks, but I think people would’ve been a bit confused as to why she’s running around when she’s got two kids to raise, is about to conceive a third, and is still doing flower-child things?

    • That Doctor Who episode is “The Christmas Invasion” and it’s actually the episode we’re talking about on Sunday’s episode of The Doctor’s Companion. Funny coincidence.

      And yeah, the PM had a spaceship full of aliens blown up bc she was worried they would come back and try to invade again. The Doctor did not approve and decided to ruin her career by manipulating Earth’s penchant for sexism. Plus the juxtaposition of destroying a spaceship with a giant raygun and destroying a PM with six words was a neat way to show off the Doctor’s non-violence approach to threats.

      Anyway yeah, the Doctor’s Companion this Sunday.

      • It’s funny because as much as I know about Classic Who, I’m not up on the New Who stuff as much. I think the only reason that I remembered it as much as I have is because it’s a “the Doctor regenerated, so he has to recover and be incredibly wacky before he settles down into his personality” story, and I’ve rewatched those a lot, no matter the Doctor. 😀

        I’ve been meaning to listen to the Doctor’s Companion podcast, oops. I should do that at some point. ^^;

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