Part II Minute 1 – Beginning with the End

Part 2 Minute-00001

A much older looking Marty McFly is greeted by a very different Jennifer Parker.


3 thoughts on “Part II Minute 1 – Beginning with the End

  1. NOTE: This comment is going to be an off-the-cuff comment that won’t be complete because I have to open at work this morning. I’ll have time later in the day to go into detail, but I know that you guys look forward to my comments. ^^;

    Hi, guys! *ugly crying*
    *cuddles her imaginary Doc and Marty plushies*

    Hee hee, it took me a second to remember where the “19” came from. 😀

    Video pirates? Wait, like, Doc and Marty were the genesis of torrenting and Napster? (I think I like Doc selling rare comics from Issue #4 a lot better.)

    Ooooh, draft comparison? Holy cow, I didn’t think the drafts were available in their entirety? I always thought that the drafts had been more spitballing ideas and seeing what stuck. They had complete scripts before they scrapped them to make the Parts 2 and 3 that we know?

    Oh, God, the idea of Marty being Darth Vader is even funnier because of the whole prank on George in 1955. 😀

    Ugh, the musical chime. Whenever I think of the BTTF soundtrack, there’s a part of the second instrumental track where I find myself saying the dialogue between Doc and Marty. “MARTY.” “Doc! Wh–” “YOU HAVE TO COME BACK WITH ME.” “Back? Where?” “BACK TO THE FUTURE.” And at some point, it’s like, “Quick, get in the caaaaaaar.”

    I gotta say that I love including the date with the title card. Maybe it’s the fact that I was a big fan from Law & Order, and they always include a setting and time stamp with the dun-dun noise.

    Ugh, God, yes. There are shots where it’s like, “Oh, *wow*, MJF is really older, despite the fact that it’s only been a year or two between 1985 and when they started filming Part 2 and 3.”

    MJF having noticeably longer hair doesn’t help, because I feel like touching his shoulder and telling him in a Concerned Voice, “Marty. You need a haircut. Your mullet is disheveled.”

    And that’s all I got time for now! Sorry guys! I’ll be back later with a longer comment, promise!

  2. The McFlys could be one of those families where they’re up ridiculously early.

    I’m kind of wondering why 10:38 is so important in the previous drafts.

    In terms of the different drafts, it feels weird to think of the movie just starting in the DeLorean instead of the driveway.

    I mean, on the one hand, we don’t have this weird retread of the end of Part 1, but it feels so odd to just skip the driveway scene so completely. We’ve had it for so long that we expect to see it, and if it’s not there, it would just feel wrong.

    Yeah, you guys go off-topic, but here’s the thing: it’s your podcast. We’re not paying you to do it, and if you want to talk about Gilmore Girls and Caroline in the City or whatever other shows or movies you want to talk about, then that’s what you want to talk about.

    I know that the 1967 draft and the paradox draft will give you guys more material just in case it’s a boring minute of, “Oh, LOOK. There’s more clouds in the opening credits.” or whatever is going on that might not spark a lot of conversation. But again, it’s your podcast. You should talk about what you want, because the second you start policing yourselves in terms of conversation topics, that’s when you’ll either sound annoyed because you feel like you have to, or you’ll sound unenthusiastic, and enthusiasm counts for a lot.

    Lastly, getting back to older-MJF, I find it fascinating that Parts 2 and 3 were filmed back-to-back (and on top of each other) like some franchises do nowadays, as opposed to just doing Part 2, then coming back for Part 3. I wonder if they did that because MJF was starting to look older. I mean, he was 24 when he did Part 1, but he had the epic babyface to be able to sell it. And a few years later (I keep thinking they filmed the movies in either 1987 or 1988, and I’m not sure *why*), MJF suddenly looks so different.


    First off, where did you read the 1967 draft? I haven’t been able to find it online.

    I didn’t really think about it until recently, but I wonder what the lead-up to this movie was. I mean, Part 1 was really big, and then four years down the line, audiences got to go see another one–hearing the familiar chimes at the very beginning must have been way exciting. And that they withhold the title card until after this first sequence is so dramatic and damn COOL. This is a COOL start to the film, definitely a way to bring back the audiences who loved the first one. I’m really interested, actually, in how this entire movie is self-conscious of itself and of its predecessor. It should have just been named Back to the Future: Dramatic Irony.

    I second leaper’s comment; if you guys want to go off topic, go for it; it’s your show.

    Post-Secret-of-my-Success-Marty haha oh god


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