6 thoughts on “Not Writing Ep. 22 – On Occupying Physical Space

  1. I’m listening so you guys have me at least😊 Also Woody Allen’s a monster. Glad you’re not watching his movies anymore.

  2. I’m listening. Not Writing is one of my favorite podcasts.

    So, I have this theory as to why people don’t react to Woody Allen, the same way they do to Bill Cosby. It basically boils down to this: For decades, Bill Cosby’s been this judgmental, sanctimonious, Human Soapbox towards other people and how they choose to live and behave. So, when the world found out how much of a massively fake hypocrite he was, they collectively rioted. Woody Allen, on the other hand? He never judged anyone. In fact, he’s generally had more of a relaxed, “we’re all weird in some way so who cares?” attitude throughout his career. It’s important to keep in mind, this is not his first instance of something like this. There’s a precedent here. If you’ll recall, his current and long-time Wife was originally his underage, adopted Daughter. Yeah, let that sink in….

    For me personally, I’ve learned to separate the art from the artist, lest I miss out on a ton of otherwise quality (and in some cases, great) entertainment. Mel Gibson, Victor Salva, Charlie Sheen, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Bill Cosby, etc. I mean, just this week, I had to watch something with Adam Baldwin in it for a podcast. I know from personal experience (as well as the experiences of friends) that Adam Baldwin is a really crappy person but despite all that, I can still watch him and appreciate when he does solid work, which is often.

    But then, that’s just me…. By the way, I have a handful of those Movie Night episodes, from when I would run back up recordings or when I was just handling that side of production, outright. They’re buried across multiple folders, on an external hard drive but I got ’em.

    • That’s actually makes a lot of sense from a general public point of view.

      And I’d love to get any Movie Night episodes you happen to have. It really bummed me out when they were taken off the Geekshow server.

  3. This is one of the few podcasts that I specifically make time to listen to. The relaxed conversational style of Not Writing is perfect for throwing on in the background while working on other things. No vacuum here!

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