Not Writing Ep. 16 – On Geek By Night

Not Writing 144Instead of writing, Nick and Scott update everyone on what they’ve been doing for the past two months, including the relaunch of Geek By Night.

MUSIC: “In Between Days” by Ben Folds

2 thoughts on “Not Writing Ep. 16 – On Geek By Night

  1. I’m really excited that Geek By Night is coming back. I can’t wait to find out what the relaunch will be like. Guess I’ll have to “settle” for all the other projects from you guys this year to pass the time while waiting for GBN.

    Also can’t wait to see how Cupid Division turned out!

    • Thanks, Poly! Can’t wait to share all of this stuff with everyone! The Cupid Division should be out by the end of the month!

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