One thought on “Not Writing Ep. 15 – On Mostly Movies

  1. I’m calling it right now. Mad Max Fury Road is going to set the bar for all 2015 blockbusters. I know you guys didn’t discuss this in the episode since the new trailer wasn’t out yet, but I just wanted to put this down while I was thinking about it.

    If we want to talk about nearly perfect trailers, both Fury Road trailers would be in the discussion. The pacing is great in that they speed up and slow down to take you on a mini roller coaster ride. Most trailers do the slam bang quick cut thing, but fail to contrast it with any slow moments.

    Anyway, we haven’t seen footage from every big 2015 release at this point, but of what we have sen, Fury Road stands out as being kinetic, beautiful, and unique. All the other big releases had better bring their A game if they want to compete with Mad Max (provided the entire thing is as imaginative and spectacular as the trailers make it look).

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