Not Writing Ep. 14 – On Projects

Not Writing 144Instead of writing, Nick and Scott chat about the projects they’ve been working on, assembling a team, and getting ready for the next thing.

MUSIC: “Do You Remember The First Time?” by Pulp

One thought on “Not Writing Ep. 14 – On Projects

  1. An interesting ramble through the experiences and thoughts of a theater major in his last year of school and a filmmaker at the semi-beginning of his career. Both having learned a lot, both on the cusp of change, both apprehensive about where the journey might take them. As someone who is neither a filmmaker or an actor [but did consider film school, at one point], I found this intriguing and oddly listenable [despite the fact it is the near equivalent sitting on a train listening to two strangers talk a couple of seats away…].

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