8 thoughts on “Not Writing Ep. 09 – On Entitlement

  1. It’s just really nice to listen to you guys articulate all the rage and annoyance I feel towards these people who just don’t get it. Thinking about all this MRA, leave our games alone, female superheroes suck fucking bullshit makes me want to run up and down the street, grabbing people by the collar and shaking them until they fucking understand. Hearing some people share the same thoughts just kind of releases some of that pressure. And seriously keep up the good work. I hope someday I too can be in a position to help put the scale where it should be.

  2. Finally got to listen to this today. I enjoyed listening to the ranting, and I definitely feel the same frustration with all the stupidity on display in the gaming community the last couple weeks. In fact I’m probably even more frustrated since I play video games regularly, co-host a gaming podcast, and post Minecraft videos on YouTube. To say gaming is a big part of my life would be an understatement.

    There are a ton of great people in the gaming community, and it can be very friendly and inclusive. Unfortunately there are also a ton of despicable monsters who have loudly shown up in force recently, giving my favorite hobby a giant, very public black eye.

    • Like I said on the show, those people are the reason I would never call myself a gamer. I don’t want to be associated with those monsters.

      Obviously, I know that it doesn’t apply to all gamers, but I’ve definitely never felt embraced by the ones I’ve met. Labels are definitely a weird thing to get stuck with because there are always conflicting definitions for the term with some people wanting to feel superior to others. So I try to just avoid them as much as possible.

      • I’m sure that I could be called a gamer by others just because of how much I play video games and how much I keep up with the news and trends. I’ve even referred to myself as a gamer in the past, but not so much lately. The problem with labels is that a highly toxic minority of rotten apples can ruin it for all the normal people out there.

        As I’ve gotten older, I care less and less about labeling myself, and I care more about keeping up with the things I love and the creators of some of my past favorites (in order to know when they have new stuff coming). This goes for games, TV, movies, books, and all the other entertainment I enjoy. I love movies and TV just as much as I ever have, but I don’t call myself a film buff or any other label I might have in the past.

        I like what I like, and I don’t really care what others think of it. If I can discuss a movie or game that I like with friends, that’s great, but I’m not going to apologize for liking something that they don’t. That goes times a billion for random people I don’t know, even if they aren’t a vile internet troll.

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