Not Writing Ep. 02 – On Maleficent

Not Writing 144Instead of writing, Nick and Scott chat about Maleficent, vague movie titles, body image, and animated films.

MUSIC: “Love is Greed” by Passion Pit

3 thoughts on “Not Writing Ep. 02 – On Maleficent

  1. “I don’t understand this mentality of just hating on a thing because it’s a type of thing.”

    This will never change or go away. People have particular formats, mediums and genres that they like and don’t like. Currently, the big punching bag is multiple-camera sitcoms, despite the fact that this particular type of show has been on television pretty much since its invention. I Love Lucy, All In The Family, The Golden Girls, Married With Children, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Frasier, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools And Horses, Open All Hours, Are You Being Served?, The Vicar Of Dibley, Mr. Bean and Red Dwarf are just a handful of multi-cam sitcoms that the majority of people still love, despite their prejudice towards the “genre” today. People point to shows like The Big Bang Theory and complain about how “dishonest the laugh track is”, despite said show being mostly filmed in front of a live, studio audience. My guess is it’s merely a generational issue. We now have an abundance of single-camera sitcoms like The New Girl, Louie and 30 Rock, which is primarily what people are used to. The other way of doing things is considered “old” and therefore, undesirable. So, just with animation, The Princess and The Frog bombed because it was the old, outdated way of doing things and those who now complain about CG animation and long for the days of The Iron Giant, they’re of a small enough minority where 2D animation isn’t profitable enough (I’d also argue The Princess and The Frog didn’t do well because of casual, subconscious racism but it’s hard to be certain on that sort of thing).

    By the way, just for the sake of open-minded fun:

    “I don’t think there are cats in Peanuts.”

    See: Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown.

    • I completely agree that it will never change or go away. I just find it unfortunate that people can’t just let the thing speak for itself rather than pre judging it based solely on its format and no other information. I know that I’ve certainly been guilty of that in the past, especially with your example of multi-cam sitcoms, which is especially dumb because I like plenty of multi-cam sitcoms. One of which (The Class), I believe, you even got me into, John. So I’m not sure where that prejudice comes from for me, but I’m definitely trying to change it the best I can.

      RE: Cats in Charlie Brown… I’ve not seen Race For Your Life, so that would explain my ignorance.

      • Ah yes, The Class. Ever since my Mother’s diagnosis, I’ve been showing her all kinds of movies and TV shows that she’s never had the opportunity to know about, let alone see. The Class was a big success. Like me, she hates that it was cancelled (We’re halfway through season 3 of Breaking Bad, currently). I’m almost certain you’re right and it was me who got you into it.

        I just did some research and get this, Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (along with Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown) isn’t available on DVD. There’s some sort of rights issue between Paramount and Warner Brothers. It’s nuts but thankfully, some kind soul put the movie up on YouTube, so here you go: The cat first appears 8 minutes in.

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