Minute 92 – Training Montage!

The training montage begins with Rocky jogging along some train tracks. He runs through a few Philadelphia locations before we see him punching the speed bag and doing one-armed push ups.

Guest – Jeff Hulit

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5 thoughts on “Minute 92 – Training Montage!

  1. Hi im 65 so i remember and like all 7 rocky series. First time i went past the house.,pet shop and gym i got chills up my back because this movie seems so real bye the way im new to podcast and you do enough fir a whole week do you guys record on a computer some other device.when i listen at night i feel im listening to a radio program.i guess you guys could do that but would be to involved or expensive.if you guys plan to do all 7 movies theres a long way to go

    • We record through the computer using microphones. I’m no engineer so I have a lot to learn about sound mixing. I hope the subpar sound doesn’t drive anyone away!

  2. No the sound is pretty good i listen on my phone or ipad. I think there was only one episode where you wanted to apologize for the sound

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