MINUTE 35: Sum 41’s Biggest Fan

Uncle Ben offers to drive Peter downtown so they can have a chat.

GUEST: Michael Nixon

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One thought on “MINUTE 35: Sum 41’s Biggest Fan

  1. The redic part of Ben driving Peter to me knowing where the library is is that they’re at the main branch of the NYPL (with the lions, or the ghosts as per Ghostbusters)- there’s no parking in front of that building. Like, you wouldn’the think of parking there kind of parking). That’s 5th ave square in the middle of tourist/giant office buildings/midtown Manhattan. (I used to work down the street and I’m fairly certain it’seems a bus only lane even) If Ben pulled up in front, tried to park and grab a chat IRL a cop would bang on his window and tell him to move it if not immediately ticket him.

    I like that he plays that he’s going to the main research branch and not the Queens library even though I know it’s not meant to ocurr to anoyone: I too growing up preferred the NYPL “better big library” over my dinky branch and I imagine Peter always taking the train in to use it instead of the QPL for homework hense why Ben doesn’t question it.

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