Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 3

Announcer Brian Brown hosts part 3 of a discussion of Geek By Night’s tenth episode, The Law of Attraction, with the cast and crew. He is joined by creator/producer Scott Carelli,Β  actress Cliss (Mindy), and actor Andrew Ball (Simon).

72 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 3

  1. I was referring to “Cliss” as her nickname. I had seen her actually name on the BBtL site and was hoping it would be a fun question.

    and FWIW (and yeah, it’s not much) yes, I am a guy. I just changed my avatar temporarily to Hayden Panettiere to tease Nick because he referred to me a girl in last episodes easter egg. He’s not the first podcaster on this site to make that mistake.

  2. Scott forget to tell everyone Carl (me) was close be and also got powers , just off camera so no one know about it intill season 2 .

    PS Scott that gravatar looks like dr.who

  3. Also, no offense to anyone. But I find Mindy/Simon’s relationship the most intriguing. The scene at the movies and the restaurant sealed the deal.

    I also found it really funny that Xander listens to country music and now so does Gibson…

    • Okay, I forgot about that – they do have an awesome, intriguing relationship… of which I shall now (in my spare time) go write slash fic about. πŸ˜‰

      • I loved the panel when Tofte admitted to sticking homoerotic undertones to the Max and Billy interactions… πŸ˜€ Mah hero.

  4. Not funny Brian… Not funny. I do enjoy coloring with crayons and markers. The gangs gonna look Real Good as stick figures. I mean, we can’t kill Elliot, I’m still gonna draw him in the covers every and all.

    But not really good episode guys! I like to here about everyone else talk about there geekery…

    p.s. I AM buck naked cliss! all the time…

  5. Hmm, yes I would def much rather you spent your time working on the actual show than on bloopers Scott. I figured that it was probably as you described but I at least thought that if I put the idea in your head about bloopers again that maybe it might happen sometime in the nearish future. But please, go on with the show! Especially now that the season is longer again and that means more geeky goodness for us fans. Can’t wait.

      • Added the Category’s RSS feed to each category. To see it, go to the category, and look between where the top navigation bar stops and where the entries begin. You should see “Subscribe” there.

    • Let me share some of your disdain for iTunes. Like the inability to and an RSS feed directly, or the way it tends to freeze when doing searches or you plug in your device.

      The things I like about the iPod device is the rechargeable battery and the ability to quickly forward through a podcast.

      Do you use a program to help catch your podcasts?

      • You can subscribe to an rss feed directly in iTunes, it just requires dragging the address to iTunes and dropping it there. At least in Windows. I imagine it would be the same in OS X. But yeah, you can’t just type in an address to my knowledge.

      • My Creative Zen Vision M that has served me well fornearly 3 years died on Tuesday, so Wednsday I ordered a 120gb Zune through Amazon and I got it last night.

        Right now my single complaint is the lack of a sleep timer- I like to listen to stories as I drift off to sleep-, but otherwise this thing’s flipp’n sweet!

        Much larger and more comfortable screen to look at than the iPod Classic.

      • My wife has one of the old Zunes (The ones that flipped out and stopped working on the last day of the year because it didn’t know what to do with the extra day due to the leap year). She loves it. Quite nice.

        I submitted all of our shows to Zune Marketplace a few weeks back. I don’t know if they ever put them up. But I tried. Annoyingly, you have to HAVE the Zune application to submit a podcast to their marketplace. Retarded.

  6. @Saberj – you can put a link up for Zune players without having a place in their marketplace – check out BBtL’s top box on our post and copy the link location – once we put that up we saw our zune numbers jump.

  7. Did I hear a screaming kid in the background, like… 9 minutes in or am I crazy?…well I am crazy. But that’s… beside the point.

  8. I would love to see Brian play Mindy. Cliss you nailed it. Again this one was a fun listen. Thanks guys! Also, yes any proper pimp hat should be bright purple.

  9. when the storys that Ben wrote coming out ?
    ep. 14 and 15 right or maybe I’m wrong on that I forget what you said scott sorry . But I know whatever ones they are there be good .

  10. IS this show still being done ? I hope so I loved it ! Could you let us fans know something it would be much appreciated.

  11. So? is it at the point now where we should give up on ever getting another geek by night? I mean seriously how many months has it been?

  12. It’s been almost 10 months. If you all need more editors, I’d gladly help for free!

  13. Still here , still holding on! I Imagine you guys are going doing the rest of the season and probably all season 2. At least I hope that is it. either way still here. such a great show!

  14. Pending permission, willing to direct and be sound engineer for season 2 of anyone want’s to do a fan spin-off

  15. Ok, Nearly 2 years ago, GBN episode 10 aired. It was great!
    Can someone who worked on the show officially post wether or not GBN is dead or if it is on it’s way back to life?

      • Gotta say, bums me out that I found this as a dead project πŸ™ (atleast in the audio dram sense). Had a pretty cool thing going there. It would be awesome if we found the toy from the cereal box still radio active and screwing up kids lives πŸ™‚

      • Bookmarked and monitoring the webcomic status.
        I’m just glad to be getting more GBN goodness!

  16. I would like to say that Geek By Night was one of my favourite podcasts when I was in high school. Once the series ended I forgot about it, until a month ago when I remembered how much I enjoyed listening to every new episode. It took me a month to remember the title of the podcast— but now that I have I would like to say: hats off to you, despite it being canceled now. It was great while it lasted πŸ™‚

    • They haven’t been made available yet. I’ll be linking the files to the original posts I imported from Geekshow soon. But the new series has been my priority right now.

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