Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 2

Announcer Brian Brown hosts part 2 of a discussion of Geek By Night’s tenth episode, The Law of Attraction, with the cast and crew. He is joined by creator/producer Scott Carelli (and writer of this episode segment),  actress Rachel Ruzzo (Gwen), and actor Kevin Zeigler (Elliot).

38 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 2

  1. I enjoyed Kevin’s witty answers as well.

    @TNN Arrrrrgh, will I ever be able to listen to Brian with a straight face again?????

      • Oh that (blush)… yeah… okay…

        (As a joke, I’ve currently switched my avatar from Duke the java mascot to Hayden Panettiere, though you may not be seeing it, if my former avatar is still cached on your PC.)

        BTW was that your whistling on the episode? (I can’t whistle.)

  2. Ha, just wait until you have to make out *by yourself*. Wow is that uncomfortable, sheet or no.
    Also Brian sir, you are EVIL. But I love ya anyway.

  3. O my gosh! I had to stop myself from squealing in delight like a crazy person on the bus on the way to work this morning when Scott suggested that Kevin and Rachel reenact the scene I was curious about. Thank you guys so much! Sorry you had trouble with your hips Kevin. Maybe you are trying to balance too many sheep on your head and its throwing off your balance 😀

    I also really loved everyone’s responses to my other questions this week. This panel discussion completely made my day today which was otherwise not all that worth getting out of bed for! Thanks for being so awesome and entertaining as always everyone.

    O and I totally think that Kevin and Nick and Will from Geekeasy should form a trio and do the music for Rick By Night.

  4. So I decide to actually listen to this for the first time, and I get made fun of, thanks everyone involved.

  5. Hm? Ben? What about Ben? I sensed that his greatness was being discussed and just had to throw in my two cents

  6. Wait… WHAT?!!? Hey don’t be bash’n the actor over the head just cuz you got pent up emotional aggression over your characters relationship with my character… hmm


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