Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 1

Announcer Brian Brown hosts part 1 of a discussion of Geek By Night’s tenth episode, The Law of Attraction, with the cast and crew. He is joined by creator/producer Scott Carelli (and co-writer of this episode segment),  actress Rachel Gatlin (Kim), and actor Chris O’Connor (Gibson).

34 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 10 – Panel Discussion Part 1

  1. YAY, you knocked out both my questions before they where even asked, haha.

    I gotta start thinking of harder questions. Good show guys very informitive.

  2. What? Dominatrix? Hmmm …. I’m intrigued.

    Also I apologize that my internet connection sucks and I kept dropping out. No one in my house believes that we need a new router!

  3. Chris can’t really tell the difference, he can be slow sometimes…

    I agree that I liked the changes to Kim in this episode. Less of an ideal and more of a “real” girl.

    Also, yay for Brian!

  4. I think John had some of his own fantasies stuck into episode 5… Kim seemed kinda flat back then, I love her now. <3

  5. I don’t think it was Jon’s fantasy girl so much as it was Gibson’s. That whole episode we were seeing everything through Gibson’s eyes, so of course Kim would appear to be this perfect dream girl

  6. I’m just saying it seems kinda lame saying that Kim post -John is exponentially better than KIm with John-on board. Who’s to say that the abortion and the eating in bead after sex weren’t things that John had in mind, but just got the boot before those ideas could reach the masses?

    Look, I’m not trying to start any comment wars, I’m just saying that it makes me sad that Pavlitch has become this virus that the show had to be cured of. I loved Epiosde 5 and Episode 2 and thought he did some really cool things for the show and it’d be nice if the poor bastard was given some post-depatrtue credit every now and again, regaurdless of your oinion of him as a person.

    • It’s not the things she did, it’s the nuances of the writing. She wasn’t written as a full characters in episode 5, she was kinda two dimentional.

    • And John has had writing credits since he left. But facts are he did some really cruel things to us.

  7. I’m trying not to take sides at all. While Kim as a chracter is way greater now, I don’t think we should blame John when he can’t defend himself. If one of my friends did something horrible to me I should at least hear them out, regardless about whether I care about them at all anymore.

    • I don’t want to get into the details, right now, but I don’t think it’s a matter of John as a person. But Kim with John writing her wasn’t as good as Kim in episode 10. And it has nothing to do with John as a person or what went down, but the writing stand for itself.

  8. John has his own site and his own Podcast that he can rant with. So it’s not like his side of the story isn’t being told.

    As someone that dealt with John very little, I like to think I have a pretty neutral position with him. I never had a personal problem with him, and I was never negatively effected by him.

    However, I was lucky enough to be let in on a lot of early drafts of the GBN scripts, the looks at the characters, etc. So one of my big annoyances with John was always in the amount of credit he tried to claim versus what was actually done before he came along. Very little of the overall story changed when he came around.

    I’m pretty sure that “That Yellow Mustard” and Kim were pretty much his creations, but I don’t know to what extent he planned out Kim’s story. I do remember hearing some horror stories early on regarding the direction he wanted to take the story using her.

    The issue here isn’t that John can’t defend himself. He’s a grown man that can defend himself, but he’ll be using his own bandwidth to do that. When the whole issue went down, he wanted to use the site to bash the site. Which is why he was banned from using everything. If you work at Wal-Mart or McDonalds, and you have bad things to say about them, then say those things. But don’t expect them to allow you to keep your job while you do your preaching.

    The whole situation was a headache, and I can say without a doubt that I would not care to relive any of it. But I definitely know that John has gotten credit for what was his, and anything going on from the point that he left onwards has extremely little to do with him.

    It would be best for everyone if nobody felt the need to publicly bash or defend him. There really is no need for it. What’s done is done, and it’s now all in the past. I’ll be glad when we can move on to season two, where you know that very little of his thoughts remain on the project.

    • Thank you for making that a little more understandable. As someone who only started visiting the site post-John i didn’t understand why there was a commotion. But thank you Randy for explaining it a little better without beating around the bush, now let’s move on to something else…you mentioned season 2…how much money would I have to use to get more headway in that direction? 😉

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