Geek By Night Episode 09 – Panel Discussion

Announcer Brian Brown hosts a discussion of Geek By Night’s ninth episode, The Secret Life of Mindy Gibson, with the cast and crew. He is joined by creator/producer Scott Carelli, writer Laura Osur, actress Cliss(Mindy), and actor Nick Jimenez (Billy).

5 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 09 – Panel Discussion

  1. Good Panel Discussion everyone!

    Seemed like we got to hear build up for the next episode which I can’t wait for!!
    Nick, I must admit I got teary eyed at the end when you said that I was good…haha

  2. Honestly, I was just surprised you knew who I was, I always thought I hid Mandy so well. I’ve missed you Brian… I beleive this is what they call an internet hug

  3. Awww Mandy! We miss you too. Brian does especially. He mentions it twice daily at least.
    Guys, this was by FAR the best commentary episode so far. Really, some good insights and some funny stuff. Keep it up!

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