Geek By Night Episode 08 – Pwning the Noobs

“Pwning the Noobs”

The first issue of The Noobs is released and Rick is forced to have a signing at Monopoly Comics. Meanwhile, the Underdogs find out about the comic and come up with a plan to save Rick from Max’s contract.

Written by Laura Osur and Bob Lofgren.

Directed and Edited by Scott Carelli.

Starring Kevin Zeigler, Chris Oโ€™Connor, Rachel Ruzzo, Andrew Ball, and Cliss.

Co-starring Beau York, Scott Tofte, Nick Jimenez, Jackson Ruzzo, Heidi Jenkins, Crystal, and Kris Ritchie.

Announcements by Brian Brown.

Theme by Nerf Herder courtesy of Oglio Records.

Cover Art by Kevin Zeigler.

Created and Produced by Scott Carelli.

Based on characters created by Scott Carelli and Ben Noblitt.

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30 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 08 – Pwning the Noobs

  1. Sorry for lateness guys, moving drama has sucked away a lot of my free time. I hope you enjoy the episode ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Plot Questions/NitPics

    1) I believe that Simon has very good control on his TK powers. Can he not lift himself up with it?

    2) If you can say, was the contract between Max and Rick for $1 or was it a reasonable contract?

  3. Question:

    How was it determine what the costumes would look like for the Noobs?

    When will we see the return of Simon’s father?

    When will Gibson realize that Simon will always find a way to outwit him?

  4. I’m with Cliss, what is her codename?

    Also, why does Rick have to be such an ass? It’s his own fault he left when the Underdogs got their powers

  5. Question: Scott, let me paint you a picture- You recieve an email from someone close to me (family member, etc) that I have tragically passed away due to being mauled a tiger while saving a little girl from being killed by said tiger. News spreads of my death in Hollywood and the entertainment industry is inspired by my passing and feel deep sympathy for Geek By Night. You begin to recieve emails from dozens of well-known actors volunteering to take up the role of Billy in my place. If you could pick any actor to take my place as Billy, who would it be? Alan Tudyk? Michael Clark Duncan? You decide….

  6. Do the characters not fully understand Max’s power, I mean in one episode he pointed out to Rick he had the power of rsuasion but in other episodes people seem to be un sure of what he does. I mean there was never an episode where the characters actually discusssed the power… what’s up with this?

    Also who else would like to see Michael J Fox to replace Nick as Billy?

  7. This is starting to come to the mark but I do have some hard truths (if you dont like plz dont flame me i am a poor critical teenager) :-
    1. The quality of the episodes are not so good. I mean you can actually make out that each of the dialogs are recorded separately and with separate equipment. But if you listen to the starting 5 episodes this was not the case.
    2. Simon has started to become more and more… i dont know… may be less funny. I mean listen to his dialogs in the first episode (remember the whole lazer blade thing in the first episode). He is my favorite just because he is super intelligent and super funny but i would like more witty line from him.

  8. I thought episode 8 had some really funny Simon moments. When he and Mindy found the action figures? I giggled like a young Japanese schoolgirl. Also, on the audio quality I feel I must applogise becuase I know I’m one of the main offenders. I’m thinking of trying Kevin’s “blanket over the head trick.” But personally, even before I became part of the cast, audio quality never really bugged me. It actually kind of added to the show’s indie, homemade vibe. And it never detracted from the performances. I could always understand waht was being said. But yes, I do wish I sounded better and I applogise to you guys for putting up with it. I’ll be experimenting more with Audacity and my mic, etc.

  9. @ TNN OMG… I actually just pictured that in my head.. wow.. that is the funniest thing I’ve thought all day.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I think the sound quality is good. I’ve listened to several other podcasts where the different locations and equiptment are very noticeable. Nothing on Geek by Night takes away from my enjoyment of the story. Keep the episodes coming guys! I’m dying to know if I’m right that Simon and Mindy totally hook up!

  11. I concur. Whilst it’s not professional expensive sound equipment perfect I find it very listenable and have never had a problem with it.

    Oh, I hope I’m not too late for a question:

    Do you ever think that if Geek By Night were to be filmed it would use puppets? Because for some reason I always picture the characters as puppets…

  12. I think Geek By Night would be very cool with puppets Sunshineyness! I personally always picture it ironically enough as like a comic/cartoon. Kinda in the same style as Daria.

    Can’t wait for the panel discussion this week

  13. Will we be hearing more about the comic book in the next few episodes, such as story lines? When is Mindy going to admit she has a little geek in her too?

  14. Who played the kid in the comic book shop? He was pretty good. How did he get the part? What did he think of the experience?

    How could such a sweet and innocent sounding child fall in with such disreputable lot of people who actually produce dramatic podcasts? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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