Geek By Night Episode 07 – Simon’s Laboratory

“Simon’s Laboratory”

After yet another accident in the shop involving their powers, Simon takes everyone to his laboratory at home to continue his experiments. Meanwhile, the identity of Simon’s father is revealed to Max, and he becomes determined to speak to him. Who is the mysterious Charles Holt, and what is his connection to Max Carmichael?

Written by Laura Osur and Scott Carelli

With additional scripting assistance by John Pavlich and George Martin Fell Brown

Directed by Scott Carelli

Starring Kevin Zeigler, Chris O’Connor, Rachel Ruzzo, Andrew Ball, and Cliss.

Co-starring Beau York, Scott Tofte, Nick Jimenez, Glenn Porzig, Aria Woods, and Tradd Moore.

Announcements by Brian Brown.

Edited by Scott Carelli and Lindsey Pike.

Theme by Nerf Herder courtesy of Oglio Records.

Also featuring the song “Beyond the Sea” by Bobby Darin

Cover Art by Kevin Zeigler.

Created and Produced by Scott Carelli

Based on characters created by Scott Carelli and Ben Noblitt

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24 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 07 – Simon’s Laboratory

  1. The whole idea of Max as a flunky makes a lot of sense, of what we know so far. It sort of explains why he was trying to achieve a comic book monopoly rather than something a little grander.

    “Muffin Man, a suitable name for our arch-nemesis indeed.”

  2. That episode was awesome! I can’t believe how much stuff you guys packed into it. I can’t wait to find out what hapens next.

    On another note, I think I might just need a Klingon to Elvish dictionary. πŸ™‚

  3. Awesome episode. Its amazing how much Glenn and Andrew sound like they could be father/son… I loved this episode so much. Its nice to see the “dark side” TM come out occasionally. Its always the quiet ones you need to worry about…

  4. Oh my god, this episode came out phenomenally! (I adore Simon now. He’s amazing)

  5. I loved it, I wish I got the role of Simon now sooooo much, the dialogue he had at the end was so amazing… then again I doubt I’d do a better job than Andrew.

  6. This was the episode that tunred Geek By Night into something great for me. I loved all 5 prior episodes but it wasn’t until reading the script for episode six that I kindasorta began to understand just how ambitious Scott’s plan is for the series. This turned out splendidly. Glenn did an awesome job of creating a new charecter, Andrew did an awesome job of building on an old one. Great job guys.

  7. This episode was amazing. I think the Lost jokes at the end were some of the wittiest this show has had. LOL

    And, OMG, who else totally thinks Simon and Mindy are gonna hook up? πŸ˜›

  8. Finally!! Something happened. I agree with TotallyNotNick with how awesome this ep was and that it moved us to another level.

    Did anyone else go “….m..muffin man???”

    Loved it!!


  9. I did, it wasn’t until Paul said his second line that I recognized the voice. Given that his character had a theory on how the Underdogs got their powers, I was curious as to what would happen to him.

  10. @Scott Whom will be at the panel discussion? You, Laura, Brian (hosting) and Andrew?

  11. Scott/Laura:
    I heard this script underwent many revisions, can you discuss those changes?

    Scott C:
    Now that you’ve done over half a season of GbN, have you become more critical or understanding about the difficulties in running a show, like say, Smallville for instance?

    Scott C:
    You’ve been interviewed a few times (well twice, I think) about GbN. Do you think you are getting more respect from your podcasting peers now that you are producing original content.

    This episode runs the emotional gamut (Simon exhibits menace, Max breaks down, romance with Simon/Mindy…) How did you find writing different kinds of scenes?

    What is your acting background? Is it hard to play a character when the writers keep springing surprises on you?

    Scott T:
    Max seems to be an amoral monster, do you find any part of him sympathetic? What is your favourite Max bit?

    If you could have anyone do a cameo, who would it be and why?

    P.S. Are you looking for fans to submit questions in an audio format or is that more trouble then it is worth?

  12. Wow. Just wow. I’ve been really busy this week so I just listened to this. And Gibson used to be my favorite character, but Simon is a BadA and has now pushed Gibson aside to become my favorite character. Any character that can build a working Stargate rox!

  13. My favourite character is Rick (Beau York), I thought he was hilarious in this episode!

    Actually kudos to all the actors, everyone was really excellent. (including the guest actors)

  14. LOL. Haydan has such nice, thought out, insightful questions… mine is just “omg, are Simon and Mindy totally gonna hook it? Please say yes!”


  15. Ok, questions:

    Now that there’s been a Gwen-centric, a Gibson-centric, and a Simon-centric episode, and the series is pretty much Elliot-centric all the way thru, does this mean that the next episode will revolve around Mindy? And will Rick get an episode centred around him at all?

    Will Elliot eventually manifest other superpowers than his heightened pheromones?

    Maybe this is nit-picky but how come Max calls Rick “Richard” on the phone at first and then in the same conversation two seconds later calls him “Rick”? Is this a simple scripting mistake?

    Gwen is a student right? What is she supposed to be studying?

  16. @ Hayley… she’s a business major, I think she says so in episode 6. I remember cause I got to that episode and went “well shit o_O, she IS totally crazy.”

  17. I could totally see Gwen in that scene in American Phsyco where all those guys are comparing buisness cards. She pulls out hers and it has like, the Dharma logo on it or something awesomly geeky like that.

  18. Ha ha ha! Don’t be too hard on her Brian. πŸ™‚ I appreciated the answer as it was just a short question. @ Rachel, I agree she is def crazy to be a business major. I missed the reference in episode 6 so I will have to go back and relisten to catch it

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