Geek By Night Episode 06 – Raiders of the Lost Comics

“Raiders of the Lost Comics”

Monopoly Comics is beginning to affect Underdog’s business in a big way. While everyone else is coming up with ideas to save the store, Elliot seems to be giving up. Meanwhile, Max decides that he’d like to use the Underdog’s powers to his financial advantage by making an offer to Rick he literally can’t refuse.

Written by Bob Lofgren and Scott Carelli

Directed by Scott Carelli

Starring Kevin Zeigler, Chris O’Connor, Rachel Ruzzo, Andrew Ball, and Cliss.

Co-starring Beau York, Scott Tofte, Nick Jimenez, Ron Richards, Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, Jason Spencer and Lindsey Pike.

Announcements by Brian Brown.

Edited by Scott Carelli and Lindsey Pike.

Theme by Nerf Herder courtesy of Oglio Records.

Cover Art by Kevin Zeigler.

Created and Produced by Scott Carelli

Based on characters created by Scott Carelli and Ben Noblitt

Promos: Eye of the Storm, Cue the Film, and Tale Chasing

10 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 06 – Raiders of the Lost Comics

  1. Yay! New stuff!

    I think this is the best episode yet. The episode moves along at a nice pace, everybody gets some good lines, and we get to see a bit more of the overall plot. I like it! 😀

  2. I hate slurpers TOO! Why did Elliot do it?! I will tell you that this was not a Kevin approved Elliot sound… I would never slurp…I’m much more of a gulper.

  3. A comic book series based on charecters in the actual series? Do I sense an allusion to The O.C.?

  4. The ifanboys are on here…man all the podcasts I listen to are becoming connected…creppy and cool.

  5. Scott, since we’re doing a panel discussion next week, would this be the place for people to post questions for us to answer?

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