Geek By Night Episode 05.5 – What By Night?

Written by Ryan Beauvais, Bob Lofgren, and Scott Carelli.
Directed and Edited by Scott Carelli.
Starring Kevin Zeigler, Chris O’Connor, Rachel Ruzzo, Andrew Ball, and Cliss.
Also starring Ryan Wells and Kim Fortuner.
Announcements by Brian Brown.
Theme by Nerf Herder courtesy of Oglio Records.
Created and Produced by Scott Carelli.
Based on characters created by Scott Carelli and Ben Noblitt.

5 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 05.5 – What By Night?

  1. Love the explanation for being a Geek by Night. Also now I know where I fall in the geek vs. nerd debate. But what about the dorks?

  2. YES! Simon sneaks up on someone! My favorite running joke returns! This is probablly the most View Askewian GBN yet

  3. Loved the episode and after all that Geek Vs. Nerd talk I’d just like to say I’m a Anorak and proud of it

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