Geek By Night Episode 02 – Attack of the Scones

“Attack of the Scones”

The Underdogs try to come to terms with their new abilities, while Gwen, trapped in Rick’s body, tries to get back inside herself. Realizing that they should become a team of superheroes, The Underdogs go out in search of their first villain. Enter the Muffin Man, a disgruntled former employee of a bakery company who has taken it’s board of directors hostage.

Written by Scott Carelli and John Pavlich.

Additional Scripting Assistance by Ben Noblitt and Kyle Stuart Dent.

Directed by Scott Carelli.

Starring Kevin Zeigler, Chris O’Connor, Rachel Ruzzo, Andrew Ball, and Cliss.

Co-starring Beau York and Paul Maki, with Loretta Boccalino, Patricia Neumann, and Lloyd Doucet.

Announcements by Brian Brown.

Edited by Scott Carelli and Lindsey Pike.

Theme by Nerf Herder courtesy of Oglio Records.

Cover Art by Kevin Zeigler.

Created and Produced by Scott Carelli.

Based on characters created by Scott Carelli and Ben Noblitt.

Promos: True Believers, Podculture, and Net_work.

7 thoughts on “Geek By Night Episode 02 – Attack of the Scones

  1. You know, we’re going to have to compile our bloopers for these first five eps and put them up before the new stuff comes out- need to hear bloopers from our new folks.

  2. I thought about it. But I’m so bogged down with editing right now, I really don’t have the time. That would be something I’d have to pawn off on someone else, but someone else I do not have.

  3. The new voices have taken a little bit to get used to, but I really like them. These two episodes have been a lot of fun to listen to again, and it has been interesting to hear how the new cast members interpret their characters.

  4. Wow, a blooper reel. For all you folks at home, when I record my lines, I ramble a LOT. It’ll be intereresting to see how much of it makes the cut

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