Episode 01 – Reboot: Part One


“Reboot: Part One” Jeff Gibson attempts to reconnect with his old friend Elliot Markowitz so they can finally finish an RPG game they started when they were in high school.

Executive Producers
Scott Carelli & Nick Jimenez

Chris O’Connor as Jeff Gibson
Matt Maassel as Elliot Markowitz
Ray Ruzzo as Gwen Allen
Andrew Ball as Simon Holt
Morgan Spencer as Mindy Gibson
Scott Tofte as Max Carmichael
and Nick Jimenez as Billy

Guest Starring
Chelsi Kern as Gretchen West
Paul Maki as Cosmo Peters
and Zach Luna as Joel Vickers

Additional Voice Work
Hila Assifi
Rahul Kurup
Ronda Mitchell
Bradley William Smith
Nathan Dunn
D. Tyler Fultz

Written By
Scott Carelli & Nick Jimenez

Directed & Edited By
Scott Carelli

Theme Song
Zach Gibson

Original Score & Final Mix
Scott Tofte

Credit Narration 
Brian Brown

Created By
Scott Carelli

All characters in this work are entirely fictitious, any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2016 Dueling Genre Productions.

Geek By Night will return with “Reboot: Part 2” on January 20th.

6 thoughts on “Episode 01 – Reboot: Part One

  1. This shows promise. I’m interested to see where it goes. I like a lot of the new voices and it feels like the returning ones have eased back into their characters well. The score is the standout element for me. It’s catchy, well executed and provides good atmosphere to keep things moving. Best of luck as you move forward.

    P.S. Strangely, this featured one of THREE Ghostbusters references I’ve heard today.

    • Thanks John. That really means alot coming from you.

      P.S. There are more Ghostbusters references on the way. For whatever reason, the first two scripts were riddled with them. Must have been something in the water Nick and I were drinking.

  2. I like this reboot. I’ve been waiting for this to come back for years. This new episodes seems to streamline a lot of the elements from the last series and put most of them out in the same episode. I guess this means will come to the meat of the story sooner. I like the new soundtrack and sound production it kind of reminds me of a 90’s sitcom. I do however miss the old series theme song. The one that had the main lyrics of “I’m not a loser” in them a lot. Whenever I think of this show I think of that song it was kind of catchy. I do miss the lightsaber element from the first show’s first episode.. Even though it wasn’t important to the show it was fun. I look forward to future episodes.

  3. It feels good to be back, and the RIDICULOUS amount of meta was excellent, but I don’t know how I feel about the show. I’m excited for next episode, but the original set was so much a part of my life, it feels weird to have it change like this. I will stay along for the ride, but I STILL WANNA KNOW WHAT MINDY’S CODENAME WAS!!!

    Still enjoying it, and I look forward to more.

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