3 thoughts on “Episode 270 – End of an Era

  1. So this is tough because Capaldi is technically my first doctor- having binged all seven series prior to series 8. I’m with Cass, I wanted to see him “under new management.”
    I’m also disappointed that the Doctor won’t be old again, because that’s part of what I love about Capaldi. I wanted a Julie Walters or Maggie Smith type.
    Preamble aside, my question is: if the Doctor is a woman, shouldn’t the companion be male? Making it an all-female cast would be just as alienating as an all-male cast. I don’t know if you guys agree or not, but that’s my vomit-response

    • I think that makes sense completely. But if they keep Bill, they could theoretically also keep Nardole so… there’s that. I guess?

      But I definitely agree that there would need to be a male companion in order to keep the show balanced.

  2. I suppose Nardole could work. I’m not sure I want him for an extended period of time. I like him in small doses, but maybe he’ll continue to grow on me through Series 10. I guess we just have to wait and see on that front.
    I just checked the discrepancy in time between Smith’s departure and the Capaldi announcements, and it looks like we may not have to wait too long if they are going to announce #13.
    One other thing: you said that t-shirts are outdated, but what about Day of the Doctor?
    “No sir, all thirteen.” Will no longer be truthful come December.

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