Episode 09 – Ghost Story: Part One


Lorelei takes Simon and Mindy to a haunted amusement park to celebrate Halloween, while Gwen and Gibson help Elliot move out of the apartment he shared with Gretchen.

Executive Producers
Scott Carelli & Nick Jimenez

Co-Executive Producer
Cassandra Fredrickson

Patreon Associate Producers
David Jeffreys
Leaper 182

Chris O’Connor as Jeff Gibson
Ray Ruzzo as Gwen Allen
Matt Maassel as Elliot Markowitz
Andrew Ball as Simon Holt
Morgan Spencer as Mindy Gibson
Naomi Wong as Lorelei Swift
Jay Malone as Victor Conrad

Guest Starring
Rachel Banks as Veronica Belknap
Brian Brown as Nathan Gershwin
Joe Stofko as Teddy
Kevin Couto as Fred
Nicholas Andrew Louie as Henry

Additional Voice Work
Debbie Gatton
Chris Zito
Hayley Johnson
Lindsey Lorraine
Nolan Tashjian

Casting Director
Chelsi Kern

Written By
Scott Carelli, Nick Jimenez & Cassandra Fredrickson

Directed By
Cassandra Fredrickson

Edited By
Scott Carelli

Theme Song
Zach Gibson

Original Score & Final Mix
Scott Tofte

Credit Narration
Brian Brown

Created By
Scott Carelli

All characters in this work are entirely fictitious, any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2016 Dueling Genre Productions.

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Geek By Night will return with “Ghost Story: Part Two” on July 27th.

One thought on “Episode 09 – Ghost Story: Part One

  1. Halloween in July, already we’re getting spooky. I’m here for it.

    One minute in and the telekinetic piano playing made me so happy. Maybe I was just happy that the show is BACK.

    Not sure why Gibson loves apartment-hunting because it sucks. Maybe, because he still lives with his parents, “hunting” to him means “dream-shopping” and none of the emailing/calling/radio silence/missed chances. Also I keep forgetting that Gretchen just up and disappeared. How mysterious.

    Lorelai refers to Science as a woman and that might be my favorite tidbit about her character that we’ve learned to date. It’s perfect. And that she also considers Science a “god” works really well with the themes of the afterlife and faith in this episode.

    Shoutout to the hopelessly romantic ghosts, that was really funny. Every episode, you guys slip in a short moment of random hilarity and it’s wonderful.

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