Episode 05 – The Fandom Menace: Part One


Gwen gets in over head when she goes back to work for Joel and Nostalgia Toys.

Executive Producers
Scott Carelli & Nick Jimenez

Co-Executive Producer
Cassandra Fredrickson

Ray Ruzzo as Gwen Allen
Matt Maassel as Elliot Markowitz
Chris O’Connor as Jeff Gibson
Andrew Ball as Simon Holt
Morgan Spencer as Mindy Gibson
Naomi Wong as Lorelei Swift
Jay Malone as Victor Conrad
Scott Tofte as Max Carmichael
Nick Jimenez as Billy

Guest Starring
Kristin Miller as Janet Stokely
Zach Luna as Joel Vickers
Warren Blackie as Mark

Rachel Banks as Veronica Belknap

Additional Voice Work
Leara Morris-Clark
Hayley Johnson
Josh Chichester
Mackenzie Bryant
Nolan Tashijan
Michael Austin Gulick
Jon Johnson
Ronda C. Mitchell
Bradley William Smith
Garrick Young
Rikki Wright

Casting Director
Chelsi Kern

Written By
Jake Baker & Cassandra Fredrickson

Directed By
Cassandra Fredrickson

Edited By
Scott Carelli

Theme Song
Zach Gibson

Original Score & Final Mix
Scott Tofte

Credit Narration
Brian Brown

Created By
Scott Carelli

All characters in this work are entirely fictitious, any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2016 Dueling Genre Productions.

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Geek By Night will return with “The Fandom Menace: Part Two” on March 16th.

2 thoughts on “Episode 05 – The Fandom Menace: Part One

  1. I really, really enjoyed this one. I’m so not used to narrative podcasts but I’m getting more into the groove of the structure of the series with each episode. Plus, this was hilarious. I had to keep replaying the far-away “woo” after Chapter 13 is announced and I laughed every time. And the bros in the bar oh my God.

    • Hey thanks, Haley! Glad to hear you liked it!
      Now, our next episode is only a couple weeks away from being published, so I’mma need you to focus up, really deliver here, and tell all your friends to listen to the show. We’re all counting on you.
      –I’ll SEE YOU when we get there, Joel out

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