Immunities 1.s – The Soundtrack Album

All the evocative & haunting music from our first season, with none of the plots and characters getting in the way.

Music by Ars Sonor, selected & edited by Bob J. Koester.
Artwork by FraunFraun.
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Clerks Minute 14: Danger Will Robinson

In this minute we talk about broads, the bible and just how deep Dante can dig himself into this relationship trap.

Special Guest: Rick Tetrault from Starbase 66 & The 7th Chevron on Simply Syndicated

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Immunities 1.6 – “Resolve”

Season one comes to a conclusion, and characters display determination.

Created and Executive Produced by Bob Koester.
Artwork by FraunFraun. Music by Ars Sonor.
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The Quibbler, Issue 26 – The Elder Swear

We’ve got a special bonus episode here! On this episode of our weekend edition, The Quibbler, Victoria and Gary talk about our favorite episodes of the Potter Puppet Pals, before we discuss Chapter Nine of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Midnight Duel.

Fellowship Minute 191 – Captain Ameri-Lurtz

Merry & Pippin get taken by Uruk-hai and Aragorn comes to Boromir’s rescue.

GUEST: Jesse Mitchell

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