1.05a – Marco Polo: Part 1-3

The First Doctor and his Companions adventure through the desert with Venetian explorer Marco Polo.

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Episode 296: Letting Go

The Doctor runs into his first incarnation who is refusing to regenerate, causing a disruption in time in the 2017 Christmas Special, “Twice Upon a Time”. Continue reading

11.04 – Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone

The Doctor and Amy come to the aid of River Song who is attempting to track down a Weeping Angel that escaped from a crashed spaceship.

GUEST: Crystal Beth

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10.04 – School Reunion


The Doctor is reunited with Sarah Jane Smith while working undercover at a high school.

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9.04 – Aliens of London/World War III

An alien spacecraft crash lands in the middle of London as the Doctor and Rose return to Earth a year later than expected.

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8.04 – The Stones of Venice

The Doctor and Charley find themselves in Venice on the day that a curse is destined to send the city crumbling into the water forever.

Plus, our thoughts on Thirteen’s new costume!

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7.04 – Dragonfire

The Doctor and Mel visit a space trading colony where they encounter Sabalam Glitz and a young woman named Ace. Together, they must stop the evil Kane from finding the treasure being guarded by a dragon in the ice caverns of Iceworld.

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6.04 – The Mark of the Rani

The Doctor and Peri land in 19th century England, only to run into the Master and another Time Lord: The Rani.

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5.04 – The Visitation

The TARDIS travels to 17th Century London where a trio of Terileptil prison escapees intend to wipe out all indigenous life on Earth using plague-infected rats.

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4.04b – Genesis of the Daleks: Part 4-6

The Doctor must take on Davros in order to destroy the Daleks for good.

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