Episode 280: When in Scotland

The Doctor and Bill are looking for Roman soldiers but find something altogether alien in the tenth episode of Series 10, “The Eaters of Light”.


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Episode 279: Gatiss Greatest Hits

The Doctor tries to negotiate a truce between Victorian troops and Ice Warriors in the ninth episode of Series 10, “The Empress of Mars”.

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Episode 278: Monked Up

Bill takes it upon herself to save the Doctor from the Monks in the eighth episode of Series 10, “The Lie of the Land”.

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Episode 277: Consensual Safety

The Doctor is called in to stop a Doomsday Clock in the seventh episode of Series 10, “The Pyramid at the End of the World”.

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Episode 276: Monking Around

The Doctor assists the Vatican in deciphering an ancient text but not all is as it seems in the sixth episode of Series 10, “Extremis”.

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Episode 275: Space Capitalism

Nardole accompanies the Doctor and Bill to an abandoned space station where air is sold by the breath in the fifth episode of Series 10, “Oxygen”.

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Episode 274: Who’s There?

The Doctor helps Bill move into her new place but, oops, it’s haunted in the fourth episode of Series 10, “Knock Knock”.

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Episode 273: Not Pulling Punches

The Doctor and Bill come face-to-face with the whitewashing of history in the third episode of Series 10, “Thin Ice”. Continue reading

Episode 272: Death by Emoji

We are all very happy with the way the Doctor and Bill explore an abandoned colony in the second episode of Series 10, “Smile”.

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