5.04 – The Visitation

The TARDIS travels to 17th Century London where a trio of Terileptil prison escapees intend to wipe out all indigenous life on Earth using plague-infected rats.

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4.04b – Genesis of the Daleks: Part 4-6

The Doctor must take on Davros in order to destroy the Daleks for good.

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4.04a – Genesis of the Daleks: Part 1-3

The Time Lords send the Doctor to Skaro before the creation of the Daleks to stop them from ever being created.

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3.04b – Inferno: Part 4-7

The Doctor must find a way to escape from a parallel universe before it destroys itself, and then stop alternate history from repeating itself.

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Episode 282: Day of the Master

The Doctor must deal with the threat of Missy, the Master, and more Cybermen in the twelfth and final episode of Series 10, “The Doctor Falls”.


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Episode 281: Genesis of the Cybermen

The Doctor begins training Missy to become a Doctor as things take a sharp turn toward tragedy in the eleventh episode of Series 10, “World Enough and Time”.


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