Minute 12 – But Wait! There’s More!

Poking fun at informercials may seem cliche, but in 1990, it was the thing to do! Join special guest Scott Carelli and the rest of the TMNTM gang as we dive into minute 12. The hosts also get specific about NYC shooting locations. Continue reading

Minute 11 – One-Twenty-Two…and an Eighth?

We welcome our first guest! Joining us is our producer Scott Carelli from Dueling Genre to discuss minute 11 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We discuss the fantastic character of Tony the pizza delivery guy, discuss the NYC house numbering system, and delve into a bit of childhood nostalgia. Muppet Babies anyone? Continue reading

Clerks Minute 13: Honesty Through Paranoia

This week Dante and Veronica start the slow slide into terrible subject matter including Dante’s misogyny, propositions for sex behind the counter and more nail painting.

This minute we are joined by Rick Tetrault from the Starbase 66 podcast on Simply Syndicated.

Continue reading