Two Towers Minute 15 – Two Sides of a (Gollum) Cat

Gollum leads Sam and Frodo on a short chase. Merry and Pippin are still held captive by the Uruk-hai.

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Chamber of Secrets Minute 40 – People Just Need to Collaborate

Ron gets a letterbomb. Parents, please don’t send your kids letterbombs.

Special Guest: Jon Garcia from Toy Story Minute!

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SHAUN Minute 69: Performing

Shaun tries to convince Ed to do his Clyde impression as the street lights turn on outside.

GUESTS: Johnie Powers and Mark Ybarra

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Minute 79 – No Fooling Around During Training

Adrian tries to get some action from Rocky but he informs her that he can’t fool around during training. She takes offense to his denial.

Guest – Mat Marchand

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Toy Story 2 Minute 9- The Cold Touch of Plastic

A doggo attacks Woody and Andy plays with his toys.

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Chamber of Secrets Minute 39 – Pumpkin Juice is something Basic Witches drink

Colin gives us his backstory is a single breath. Errol crashes into a bowl of crisps.

Special Guest: Jon Garcia from Toy Story Minute!

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15 – Savoureux Liaisons

Melinda and Michael wrap up the first season of HANNIBAL with episode 1×13: “Savoureux!” Next week: Michael watches Silence of the Lambs for the first time!

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