Minute 87 – Don’t Call Me a Thithy

The gang marches on toward the end of TMNT ’90 as we discuss poor policing techniques, Mike Tyson, and what Splinter’s first meal after his imprisonment will be. It’s the penultimate minute of footage everyone!

And don’t forget to tune in Thursday and Friday for a VERY special interview with Partners In Kryme, creators of the worldwide hit song, “T-U-R-T-L-E Power!”

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Minute 86 – Danny are you Ok? Are you ok Danny?

The TMNT Minute crew are joined by VERY special guest, MC Golden Voice from “Partners In Kryme!” That’s right, the man who sang “T.U.R.T.L.E. Power” is here, talking about minute 86 for your listening pleasure!

And as a mega-special-bonus, MC Golden Voice (aka Richard Usher) will be our guest again on Thursday and Friday in a special two-part, in-depth interview as the credits for TMNT90 roll.

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Minute 85 – He’s the Jar-Jar!

Ralph is back one last time to discuss the fate of Danny, and how $20 can definitely redeem getting your dad abducted, your house burned down, and your friends completely beat up.

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Minute 83 – Rat-Man vs. The Food Processor

Ralph Attanasia is back again with more hilarious observations, this time about minute 83 of TMNT ’90! What happens when a magical rat BAMF’s onto a roof to do battle with an overgrown Cuisinart?


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Minute 81 – Podcasters Know What Their Farts Look Like

We’re joined by the one and only Ralph Attanasia from TLC’s “Cake Boss” this week to discuss his epic Turtle fandom, and specifically, minute 81 of TMNT90. Join us as we chat about Casey Jones’ backstory some more, Shredders best and worst helmets, and what happens when you break wind on-mic.

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Minute 80 – Ninja Squirtles

Eric makes his way into the TMNTM lair one last time as we discuss speaking in the third person, how Turtles ’90 is just “The Warriors,” and how the Turtles vs. Foot fight is basically just Final Fantasy.

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