Minute 15 – Big Toitles in Trenchcoats

Today we’re joined for the last time by the captain of the DuelingGenre ship, Scott Carelli, to talk about the finer points of Cricket, actor Josh Pais, quotable lines, and the relationship between Splinter and Raphael. Continue reading

Clerks Minute 15: Animal, Mineral or Vegetable

This minute we talk Star Trek, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, The Fall Guy, The Greatest American Hero, Twilight Zone, Lost in Space, and also we watch Dante being outmatched by Veronica in this argument.

Special Guest: Rick Tetrault from Starbase 66, The 7th Chevron Podcast and Simply Syndicated Movie News on Simply Syndicated

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Minute 14 – Punker is Not the Preferred Nomenclature

Scott Carelli joins us once more as we discuss the word “Punker,” more Casey Jones trauma, English sports, finding money on the street, and accents here on minute 14. Continue reading

Minute 13 – The Canseco Conundrum

In minute 13, we delve into the character of Casey Jones. What makes him tick? Here’s a hint…we think it involves something REALLY dark! Also, Scott T. is confused about 90s humor, and the gang has to explain jokes to him. Guest host Scott Carelli (Back to the Future Minute, Spider-Man Minute) joins us once more for our Wednesday edition. Continue reading

Clerks Minute 14: Danger Will Robinson

In this minute we talk about broads, the bible and just how deep Dante can dig himself into this relationship trap.

Special Guest: Rick Tetrault from Starbase 66 & The 7th Chevron on Simply Syndicated

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