PILOT: Scott Pilgrim Minute

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Cornetto Minute hosts Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez are joined by Cassandra Fredrickson (Lord of the Rings Minute), Gary Roby (Harry Potter Minute), and Bryan Green (he plays Zelda) as they introduce Scott Pilgrim Minute and discuss their background with the graphic novel series and the film by Edgar Wright.

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The Ride: Part 5 – Live in Chicago + A Final Farewell

Using Doc’s new DeLorean time machine, we chase Biff through time and bump him back to the future.

GUESTS: Crystal Beth, Neil Brown, and George Hendricks

(Recorded LIVE at the Greenhouse Theater in Chicago on August 26, 2017)

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The Ride: Part 4 – Biff on the Run

Biff takes out the Institute’s security team, traps Doc in his office, and steals the DeLorean for a joy ride through time.

GUESTS: Nick Ferguson and Sommer Branham

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The Ride: Part 3 – A Wrench in the Works

After telling us about his many inventions through the years, Doc discovers that Biff has somehow found his way into the building.

GUESTS: Ali Colluccio and Naomi Wong

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The Ride: Part 2 – Gumping Through History

After arriving at the Institute of Future Technology as volunteers in a time travel experiment, we are told that Biff Tannen is missing from the year 1955.

GUESTS: Chris O’Connor and Zach Luna

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The Ride: Part 1 – Doc Brown takes Orlando

Doc Brown visits Orlando, FL in the year 1990 to film a promotional video for Universal Studios.

GUEST: Kyle Crane

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PILOT: The Cornetto Minute

The Cornetto Minute is the daily podcast that will analyze and celebrate Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy one minute at a time!

In this episode, hosts Scott Carelli and Nick Jimenez introduce the show and share their memories of how they first watched Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End.

The Cornetto Minute begins with Shaun of the Dead on October 2, 2017!