Minute 39 – Pork Rind? Pohk Wined!

Jonathan Carlisle joins us again to talk about one of his favorite moments in the whole film! Donatangelo is back at it, and Leo and Raph are having some sibling drama. See what we have to say about it today on TMNT Minute!

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Toy Story Minute 69- All Video Games are Anime

We get some running calculations from Reddit and watch Woody get torn apart before inevitably talking about anime.

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Immunities hiatus – Companions 3/3 – “They Were Unique”

CO’s story reaches its end, and Tina’s agenda becomes clear.

Created and Executive Produced by Bob Koester.
Artwork by XelfrepuslaX. Music by Mister Vapor.
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Minute 38 – Frustrated Turtle Horniness

Jonathan Carlisle is back…except Scott calls him “Mike”. Listen today as we discuss whether or not Turtles have scales, why we need a dedicated scientist on our team (calling Neil DeGrasse Tyson!), and how the hell did the film crew pull of that sai-throwing bit? Also, a short discussion of this years TMNT-related Free Comic Book Day releases!

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