BTTF Minute: No Roads Edition #1


Scott and Nick discuss plans for the No Roads Edition podcast, cast Wes Anderson’s Back to the Future, reveal their top picks for alternate universe BTTF directors, and read the first story from the IDW comic “When Marty Met Emmett”.

One thought on “BTTF Minute: No Roads Edition #1

  1. Yay no roads! This sounds like it’s going to be so fun! I’m glad you got as excited as I did about a prospective Wes Anderson Back to the Future, because honestly. It would be awesome. But more importantly, you guys are writing a screenplay??

    You could call the “name three” segment the McFly Triple. Or the McFlurry. Or the McTriple (with fries).

    On the comic:
    -The story starts before Picture This came out, but really, who is Marty without Huey Lewis.

    -Doc likely got the tubes through mail-order because, as the town recluse, he was uncomfortable leaving his garage. Maybe he did the same with Burger King meals and just sent Einstein to the drive-thru window to pick them up. The man subsists on a steady diet of Whoppers because he can’t bring himself to go any further from the lab.

    -I don’t know how I like Doc acting so Willy Wonka. Sure he had the Rube Goldberg setup in the beginning of the first movie, but he seems more science-minded than puzzle-minded. A little less sphinx-like and a little more absent-minded. He also lacks the pompous sense of entitlement that one would have to have to say to a stranger, “You have passed my tests and earned the right to work for me.” It feels out of character.

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