BTTF Minute 98 – Sorting Hat

BTTF Minute-00098

Marty realizes he has all the time in the world as Doc stretches for the dangling cable just out of reach.

Guest: Preeti Chhibber and Ali Colluccio from Panels

3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 98 – Sorting Hat

  1. Eh, Harry Potter would work better as a fusion rather than a straight crossover, because it’s hard to see Strickland as anything other than the headmaster.

    The Hat tries to Sort Marty into Hufflepuff, but he goes Gryffindor because it’s the cool house and he wants to be brave, even if he’s really anxious.

    Doc is Ravenclaw through and through, though he’s got some Slytherin tendencies, because a man who can (A) contact Libyan nationals, and (B) get them to steal plutonium for him so that he can power his time machine is totally Slytherin.

    • When I think fusion, I think of a Marty whose parents were killed by some Dark Lord and when he gets sent back in time he finally gets to meet them, Mirror-of-Erised style. Except real life. Can you picture the scene in Lou’s Diner when Marty sees his dad for the first time? It would be so upsetting.

      And then waking up to his mom hitting on him, Marty just breaks down crying. Oh god.

      WHAT IF THE LIBYAN TERRORISTS KILLED MARTY’S PARENTS. And he can’t save them but he can avenge their death by saving Doc. Brb writing this right now.

  2. my personal headcanons for doc and marty regarding harry potter houses are that doc is a slytherin and marty’s a ravenclaw. doc’s extremely ambitious and is willing to do anything in order to get what he wants even though he’s extremely smart, while marty’s sort of like a lockheart-type ravenclaw, who’s clever but his execution of plans is extremely flawed. plus marty would look good in a blue and bronze scarf in my opinion. 😛

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