BTTF Minute 97 – Drift Compatible

BTTF Minute-00097

Marty heads to a literal starting line, while Doc tries to climb across the clock tower face.

Guest: Preeti Chhibber and Ali Colluccio from Panels

3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 97 – Drift Compatible

  1. THE KISSES. Just. Yes. Doc blowing kisses. It’s like his Vaya Con Dios thing in the third movie when he’s seeing Marty off to 1885. Good bye, my future friend, and good luck. <3

    In terms of reaching across the clockface to grab the cable, I like to think that Doc gets hyper-focused on what he's doing that he forgets that there's a safer way to do it. He doesn't mentally calculate that it would just be faster to just go inside and go around — also, he would have to tie off the cable that had dropped to the ground in order to do it, because it's not long enough to go inside with him while he switches exit points.

    No, Doc is just, "There's the cable. I gotta reach it. Marty has to get home. Gotta reach it, gotta reach it– GAAH!"

  2. “Doc, are you–” Marty stared incredulously at the Jaeger, and then back at Doc. “Are you telling me you put a *fusion reactor* inside a Jaeger?!”

  3. About Marty’s hood slide:
    I really liked the point you made about it being the one moment when his coolness isn’t undermined. The McFly Maneuver is more when the film puts his coolness on display, like LOOK AT OUR HERO GO. It’s the scene when he really steps into the role of protagonist. Up to that point, all he’s done is react to the crazy situations he’s been thrown into. But again, in a previous episode, you talked about how the Hill Valley chase itself is just a run around a square–nothing inherently heroic about it, the movie just builds it up.

    So we’ve got incidents of Marty doing something he thinks is cool and getting torn down (jamming at the beginning and busting the amp, playing the Enchantment Under the Sea dance and taking it too far, even the line “let’s see if you bastards can do ninety” is undermined because the audience knows what that means for him). And we also have incidents of Marty doing something slightly cool and getting tons of positive attention for it (Hill Valley chase scene).

    Then there’s this moment. Marty slides across the hood of the car, and it might be the one time the audience isn’t thinking about him looking slick, and (as I originally saw it) the one time he actually isn’t trying to look slick. In his panicked, spastic, uniquely Marty way, this becomes the one instance he actually ACHIEVES COOLNESS and it goes by without comment or special attention of any kind.

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