BTTF Minute 95 – Fear of Everything Twice

BTTF Minute-00095

A branch breaks off of a tree and unplugs the cable running from the clocktower to the street, forcing Doc and Marty to formulate a plan of action to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 95 – Fear of Everything Twice

  1. Buy more cable! Doc was still loaded at this point. If it had been 1985, I could see Doc just not being able to afford more cabling, but in 1955, Doc has money coming out of his ass. I mean, c’mon, Doc. You’re just being shoddy.

    HEEEEEE. “I’ll do a thing, and you do the thing! I love you!” <33333

    Hill Valley has this feeling of being such a small town that I could easily see that the courthouse was just left unlocked. Just how incredibly trusting it is. Oh, those youths! They're just going to break in, so we'll make sure they don't damage anything when they do! And because this is 1955, it's even more trusting than it might be in 1985.

    In terms of Doc's sudden fear of these things on the courthouse, think about the logistics. Doc probably took a slightly different way up, because the table is attached to the very top of the clocktower. Maybe he sort of parkoured his way up there so he could attached it, and because the access to the clock itself is so cramped that it doesn't allow freedom of movement, Doc is worried that he's not going to be able to use his full range to catch himself in case he falls?

    And hell, with the right lighting, those gargoyles would be scary af. Jus' sayin'.

    Erhardt Brown! His first name isn't mentioned until the verrrrry end, when Doc's talking about the annual Erhardt Brown Scholarship for Young Scientists. (And yeah, the hair is explained in the video game. :D)

    Also! How long/short should the email be? I don't want to accidentally write a dissertation, but I don't want to write "THANK YOU FOR THE PODCAST" and that's it. Oops.

  2. Well Doc worked at the Court House as a teenager and his father was the judge. Maybe he still has got the keys and they just didnt change the locks 😀

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