BTTF Minute 94 – Uncle Emmett

BTTF Minute-00094

Doc tells Marty that everything will be fine, but finds the letter that Marty wrote to him about the future and refuses to accept the responsibility.

2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 94 – Uncle Emmett

  1. It’s also quite possible that Doc doesn’t want to mess up Marty’s life, and doesn’t want to risk changing Marty so much that Marty becomes a completely different person, a person who wouldn’t want to be Doc’s friend. So, Doc could instead just leave him alone (inadvertently following the original timeline), and then being there for Marty when the time is right.

    Also, imagine if there was a version of the letter where it’s a love letter. And it’s like, “here’s the horrible thing that’s going to happen to you, and I want you to live.” but then there’s all this stuff about how much Doc means to Marty, how important Doc is, how much he’s changed Marty’s life for the better, that kind of stuff. 😀

    • Marty writing in the letter how important Doc is to him–
      then later, Doc ripping it up as Marty watches.
      Oh, God.

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