BTTF Minute 87 – A Burst of Conception

BTTF Minute-00087

George kisses Lorraine causing Marty to return to existence and agree to play another song with the Starlighters.

Guest: Mike O’Gorman

4 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 87 – A Burst of Conception

  1. It’s especially weird that Marvin asks Marty to do another one because Marvin was giving him some *epic* stink-eye when he was screwing up Earth Angel.

    As for the idea of George-Lucas-ing 2nd Marty into the first movie, an important thing to remember is that time travel in BTTF does *not* create a stable time loop. All you need to do is look at the ledge of the courthouse. Later in the first movie, part of it breaks off because of Doc. But earlier in the movie, where Marty and Jen are getting accosted by the Hill Valley Preservation Society lady, look at the ledge of the courthouse. It’s completely intact.

    • It’s possible the two marty’s swppead timelines. marty 1 returns to lone pine universe from 1955 and marty 2 ends up in 1955, but has extra plutonium and returns to twin pines univerese. in that universe doc is dead as a result of the libyans and his parents are numb skulls. but if marty 2 ended up in twin pines, wouldn’t he risk the space time continuum and go back some other time and warn doc of his fate.this probably explains some thing in bttf part 2. if you go 30 years into the future, you’re skipping time. you won’t be there for 30 years. so the marty we see in 2015, the older marty, is the one we see escaping the terrorists at the end of part 1. it explains why theirs no doc in this future, coz he was shot in 1985 in the tp universe. this could be 2 universes joined together, as marty wouldn’t have had his accident with a rolls royce, unless he raced needles on his skateboard and made himself look a right idiot. so it seems marty we see through the trilogy swppead dimensions with the one we see at the end of part 1. possible part 4, 5, 6 story?

  2. Make no mistake lest you, the rdaeer of Josh Korr’s blog, think I was writing that out of criticism of the movie, know that it was all out of love. (That’s probably obvious given my ability to quote scenes so vividly). I love those movies especially the plot holes. Time travel movies rule and I think you’ll always run into some kind of head spinning paradox if you try to tell a time travel story. So I love that the Back to the Future movies kept in the head spinning stuff, but also treated us to the meta-stuff like having Marty revisit the first movie. Yes, it doesn’t make sense, but having the main character of a movie relive scenes of that movie as an audience member is really compelling in its own way. The two key scenes are, of course, where he watches his dad punch out Biff (and goes and takes the magazine, prompting the immortal I think he took his wallet! line) and when he climbs across the scaffolding while he plays Johnny B. Goode. But there’s actually a really interesting part he had the magazine and had knocked out Biff’s henchmen and was about to make a clean break, but then he pauses to watch him talking to his parents post-concert and he stands there kind of mesmerized for a second at watching his own moment of semi-triumph from the first movie. One of the cool things about time travel is that in theory you could relive great moments in your life as an audience member. He’s kind of lost in a moment of reverie, and that’s how Biff catches up to him again, leading to the car chase in the tunnel at the end of the movie.

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