BTTF Minute 86 – The Double Down

BTTF Minute-00086

George allows Lorraine to be snatched away on the dancefloor by a ginger suitor as Marty begins to disappear from existence.

Guest: Mike O’Gorman

3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 86 – The Double Down

  1. I think one of the things that they could’ve done instead of this misstep was that, instead of this, and instead of George thinking he’s a loser and walking away before realizing that, no way, he’s so awesome, so he comes back, is to show a potential reversal in George’s personality.

    Remember in Part III where Marty stands up to Mad Dog, and then the entire town is slapping him on the back and giving him stuff and generally showing how much they approve of Marty’s action? The kids in the auditorium could’ve done the same thing — Biff had to have been picking on a bunch of other kids, and George is probably one of his favorite targets.

    So, have the kids approach George, drag him away from the dance floor to get details about what happened with Biff, and George is flying high on finally being accepted by his peers. (One of the Bobs mentioned that George had read “How to Make Friends and Influence People” and had taken away all the wrong things from it.) And as he’s being dragged away with the promise of popularity because of punching Biff, Lorraine wants him to dance with her and kiss her, and George makes the decision to ignore popularity because he really does care about Lorraine more than he cares about popularity, kiss, boom, done.

    2. Marty looks like he’s in pain when he can’t play the guitar. Like, wasn’t he wincing and bending over? The pain of trying to exist when reality says you shouldn’t probably hurts a lot because reality is trying to fix itself.

    • 1: I really like both your solution for the misstep and the solution they proposed in the episode, which begs the question: if we can come up with more meaningful/less awkward ways for this scene to go, what the heck were Bob Gale and Bob Zemeckis thinking? I’d really like to hear why they chose to go with the scene as it stands today.

      2: Also “the pain of trying to exist when reality says you shouldn’t” sounds real poetic. I appreciate.

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