4 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 81 – The Cost of Manure

  1. Biff is an interesting bully because most times, when you stand up to bullies, they just back off because you’ve proved that you’re not an easy target anymore. With Biff, though, he looks like he’s looking for a Worthy Opponent (because I love TVTropes), and Marty is that Worthy Opponent. Of course, Marty’s going to disappear from Hill Valley for thirty years, but y’know.

    There’s also that part in the beginning where Biff gave Marty that almost ashamed look when he demands “what’re you looking at?” That bit, coupled with the idea of Biff looking for a challenger, makes the two scenes more interesting.

    As for pairings, I don’t know about Biff/Marty and Biff/George. You could argue that Biff might be homophobic because he’s so deeply in the closet he’s about to find Narnia, so he might take out any attraction as aggression. George is aesthetically pleasing but such a wimp that Biff doesn’t respect him. But Marty is pretty, and stands up to him (and is the product of the girl he wants and George), so I could see Biff/Marty a bit easier. The only trouble there is that Marty would never go near him that way in a million years.

    From what I heard about BTTF fandom back in the early 2000s, the popular slash pairing (even if it was “omg wut”) was George/Marty, which. I just. I don’t know.

    (Doc/Marty OTP!)

      • Oh wow nice, I didn’t realize that! Though I’m not sure Biff could put two and two together at that point and figure out Calvin Klein is the same person who cost him three hundred dollars in car damages. But who knows?

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