One thought on “BTTF Minute 80 – Forever Changed

  1. I hate to go there, but I totally will. One of the fascinating things about Marty and Lorraine is that it completely flips the script on sexual assault.

    In your typical teen movie, there’s going to be the Bad Guy who’s about to sexually assault or just flat-out rape the Heroine (which does end up happening later on in this movie), but with Marty and Lorraine, it’s Lorraine who’s the aggressor. You could make a joke about hurr hurr, his mom wants his D, but you can see in MJF’s performance that he is deeeeeeeeply uncomfortable with the whole thing.

    I don’t know if there were other ’80s movies where the guy was THAT uncomfortable with having sex (Marty’s got really specific circumstances, though), but it’s interesting to see that the guy can become the victim for once. It’s possible to sexually assault guys. It’s possible to rape guys. They’re not magically immune to it. But it never really gets discussed.

    What’s interesting (and a little scary) is that Lorraine only stops because it feels like she’s kissing her brother. If she hadn’t had that moment of weirdness, what would’ve happened?

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