BTTF Minute 79 – Everybody Who’s Anybody

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Marty discovers that Lorraine drinks and smokes while George realizes he’s late for his date with destiny.

Guest: Amanda Haas

5 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 79 – Everybody Who’s Anybody

  1. In the deleted scene with the phone booth, what happened was that back in the 1950s, people could call this number, and get the correct time. And the whole point of George flailing around, gasping at all the clocks is so that he’s “omg, is THAT the TIME?” and with the phone booth, Evil Ginger uses a broom in order to trap George in there, so he ends up late coming to “save” Lorraine from Marty. According to Bob Gale (I think), they cut it because the gag was running too long.

    • I think this deleted scene is pretty cool because it (again) reminds us of the unreliability of time. George is running around, encountering different readouts on every clock, searching for the “real” time. Besides being weirdly surreal, this collection of wrong clocks reminds me of Doc’s clocks at the beginning of the movie, all of which also showed an incorrect time.

      In that scene, Marty had to re-orient himself and kind of jump forward 25 minutes after finding out all of Doc’s clocks were set late. But George here is going the opposite direction; he’s trying to slow time. He’s stalling.

      It’s pretty awesome how well these two scenes reflect the McFly guys. George’s interaction with time is a reaction of fear and reluctance until he’s finally forced to accept his adventure/destiny. And Marty’s interaction with time is him being too busy playing guitar to understanding a goddamn thing and diving into his adventure at the last minute because he has no choice.

  2. Yah, the 50s…. there are pics of Jackie Kennedy smoking and drinking pregnant at the ease of Google image.

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