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  1. One of the things that strikes me about George is that there is a very big disconnect between himself and what he thinks the world would react, and how the world actually reacts. IIRC, one of the Bobs said that part of the reason that George acts the way he does (the kind of weird, vaguely creepy way that he approaches people) is that he read “How to Win Friends and Influence People” in order to try to get more popular, only he took away all the wrong lessons to take away from it? And because he has that fundamental disconnect, he’s not seeing where he went wrong?

    Personally, I think George might be somewhere on the autism spectrum. He’s really high-functioning, or else his school life would be *really* different, but he shows signs of it. Depending on how his brain is rewired from other people’s, there’s the desire to fit in, but an incomplete understanding of how to make that happen. He’s very focused on science fiction — he will skip “important” social functions because he doesn’t want to miss his favorite television program, he falls asleep with a sci-fi magazine/comic book literally right next to him. And, of course, there’s the creative aspect, where he writes them for himself. Because of his crushing self-esteem issues (having been excluded from his main peer group by bullying will do that to just about anybody), George doesn’t want to share his stories with anyone AT ALL, but in the revised timeline, he shows a willingness to be published, instead of just showing them to Lorraine and entertaining his kids with them. So, there’s an element of wanting to be accepted in a controlled “I really liked your work” kind of way, and wanting to share his stories with others.

    Then again, I could be oversimplifying George’s character. It’s basically the way that he completely misses social cues that makes me think of it. Maybe he’s just that weird.

    (I haven’t finished listening to today’s podcast, sorry. Since I always have things to say that I completely forget by the end of the podcast, I figured I’d try to “ah! I have a thing to say! I’ll leave a comment now before I forget it!”

    • I was also thinking about George this minute and you got it right, he “completely misses social cues” despite presumably trying to meet them.

      The fact that he’s dancing alone at the dance doesn’t strike me as out of character for him because he has a history of being over-confident. This could be because he has read an instructional book (like “How to Win Friends and Influence People”) or been told (by Strickland, for example) that confidence can get you success or friends. Still there’s a disconnect between what he thinks is confidence and how he comes across to others. I’m thinking specifically about the minute in Lou’s Diner when Goldie Wilson is talking encouragingly to George and George is giving Marty an oddly tough look out of the corner of his eye. Or the earlier moment in Lou’s Diner when, as soon as Biff notices Marty and begins to pick on him for his vest, George laughs along. I think in that minute, the comment might have actually been made that George would have his own gang or join Biff’s in a heartbeat if he could. He reminds me of people I’ve met who have been bullied so long that they’ve built up a wall of aggression and disassociation in an attempt to protect themselves, which in fact only further distances them from everyone.

      ANOTHER theory is that, because the punch George is drinking at the dance is spiked (by BTTF 2 Biff), maybe his inhibitions are lowered. But that gets into confusions between different timelines, yada yada.

  2. At the 22:30, when you start talking about who Lorraine would be into. Go back to Minute 44, and do a freeze frame when Lorraine is at the door, and you can see her reflected in the mirror. Surrounding her vanity mirror, there are all kinds of pictures of stars. And there’s a LOT of them. (I think in the DVD commentary, either Bob or Neil Canton mentions it specifically because it was a way to show that Lorraine was definitely boy-crazy.)

  3. I’d point Lorraine as a Liberace fangirl. It hahas the innocent young girl who doesn’t see the obvious to another generation sense that you get with girls who were Ricky Martin fans or Lance Bass fans that more older and cynical people might go, “oh honey…” too.

    Also, I agree it probably schnapps or gin. As the know-it-all and historian with a penchant for scouring thrift stores for vintage People mags I know from ads Vodka wasn’t popular for common folk till the 80’same for red scare reasons, as well as 80’a skinny drink and diet obsessed market. (I pay close attention tof ads in these mags I read- Canadian whiskey was the hot seller in mags from the 70’s I have in my collection, go fig)

    My issue with Pretty in Pink has always been the abject horror to destroying that beautiful 50s ballgown and making that full 80’s drab she wears to the prom and creating that terrible trope of girls looking at a dress and in 5 min being able to sew together a modern dress because they’re so ‘fashion forward’ I hate so much.

  4. The funnny thing though is the actor who played Marvin Barry in the movie has the best interview in Roads, we don’t need roads book. He is now an acting professor and that he is sad he’s never gotten to meet Marvin Barry in real life and is perfectly happy with his career for not being a huge star but getting such an iconic quoted line and is the 2nd highest downloaded version of Earth Angel.

  5. Also, I’m really jealous of your fanCy dances. We had no theme prom or dandes. In fact we had no dances in US because of the too cool for school 90’s didn’t go to dances. My HS did a junior formal and a senior prom only-they used to hold more dances but due to low attendence they cancelled all all of them when I was at school- and there was no theme. Ous was at the Yonkers yacht club (sounds WAY more fanicer than that is- just a pier with a dance hall and kitchen , on the Hudson River people have weddings and Bar Mitzvahs at) and there was just a simple crappie buffet and a DJ with a local photographer taking pics of couples on the pier on the river. People didn’t even do the limo and motel thing because if was seen as too square. There was just an after party at what was referred to as ‘the meadow’ a section of our woods that was popular for drinking and Marijuana smoking. God, the toonly cool for school 90’s…

  6. Also. I hate typing on a tablet. My auto correct made that really hard to follow and there’s no edit button….

  7. Oh, and movies always made me super jealous there was no live band at a school dance. We had just a local DJ and we’re always told it’s was way too expensive for a live band…

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