BTTF Minute 74 – The Worst Plan

BTTF Minute-00074

George listens as Marty goes over the plan to win over Lorraine, including five minutes of time that Marty can never take back.

Guest: Jon Kuhn

3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 74 – The Worst Plan

  1. I’ve always wondered who came up with the bad plan to get Lorraine to hate Marty. Originally I imagined it was Marty who resigned himself to it and Doc tried to step in in protection of Marty’s psychological integrity. But this is in the first draft of the Back to the Future script, and funnily enough, Doc’s not empathetic about Marty’s discomfort at all. Marty says “I’m a little worried about this…I mean, hitting on my own mother, that’s pretty heavy,” to which Doc replies “Nobody said anything about hitting her. You’re just going to take a few liberties with her.”


    He then gives a short speech about how “there are some things we must do in life that are unpleasant” and the fate of the space-time continuum is in Marty’s hands. The whole thing is weird, but they play it off as a comedic moment in that draft, which…might have worked, I guess? I think it’s funny imagining Doc talking Marty into going for it.

    • Okay that’s just weird.
      Why do you think this is going to be good in any way, Doc.
      Doc, did you have an alright childhood.

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