2 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 69 – The Bueller Theory

  1. I left a message on your tumblr chat, but I’ll just repeat myself here.

    1) You should write the Ferris Bueller, Time Traveler fic. Especially if he somehow used the same technology as Doc’s DeLorean to get stuck there in the first place.

    2) Concerning the bit about Marty wearing Doc’s clothes, Doc is way too tall for Marty to wear his clothes without swimming in them. And yet, Marty’s clothes fit him perfectly.

    Now, imagine Doc going to a clothing store by himself (because he can’t possibly take Marty to a clothing store — who knows what Marty’s cherubic face would fuck up next) — and just buying Marty clothes that *fit*, just by eyeballing it. Either he has some amazing spatial awareness and is able to take mental measurements without an actual tape measure, or there was a moment when he had to either Marty’s clothes, or Marty himself.

    • Gonna second the first motion. Back to the Future with Ferris Bueller is just too amazing a concept.

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