One thought on “BTTF Minute 67 – Benny Hill Chase

  1. The point you guys make about the soundtrack making the skateboard sequence larger-than-life and being the kind of music you’d hear in your head if you were in that situation goes along with some things you’ve said in earlier minutes–about the guitar pick glint putting us into Marty’s head where he imagines he’s way cooler than he really is. Or the Silvestri soundtrack kicking in and drowning out the Huey Lewis when Marty sees the DeLorean for the first time and is pulled from his plain 80s existence and into the real adventure.

    Though the skateboard chase is small in scale and the characters earnestly believe plain old Marty to be the coolest thing since sliced bread, the movie becomes slightly self-aware at this point. It’s a cool movie about a kid who wants his life to be like a cool movie. Even if he’s just being pushed in circles by a bully’s car, this movie’s making Marty look like the hero he’d like to be/imagines himself to be. And if we follow the thought that Back to the Future is told slightly through the lens of Marty’s point of view, how do we know that these cinematic details aren’t just Marty’s embellishments on the story to make himself seem even more awesome?

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