BTTF Minute 64 – Professors, Producers and Gasoline

BTTF Minute-00064

George is afraid of getting his brain melted, so he asks Marty how to woo Lorraine.

Guests: Pete and Alex from Star Wars Minute

One thought on “BTTF Minute 64 – Professors, Producers and Gasoline

  1. I wanted to add that the “80s kid doesn’t know how to open a twist-off” gag is a remnant from a rather important setup/payoff in the first draft of the script. In that draft, the fact that Marty can’t figure out how to open the bottle is funny, but it also adds to the tension at the end when he NEEDS to get the bottle open to get the time machine working.

    If I remember correctly, there was also an extended scene at Doc’s house in the first draft that featured Marty fumbling around with 50s technology like the milk delivered in glass bottles. And while most of the decade-disparity humor in that draft is heavy-handed and corny, that was one scene I kind of wanted to see.

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