BTTF Minute 6 – The Great Clock Experiment

In a phone call, Doc reveals that an experiment has made all of the clocks in the garage twenty-five minutes slow, and Marty realizes he is late for school.

BTTF Minute-00006


3 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 6 – The Great Clock Experiment

  1. Another point about Doc’s clocks being set back 25 minutes: it’s a great way to introduce audiences to the idea that time isn’t reliable. This instance of Marty getting confused/having to shift his perception of time due to an experiment of Doc’s–this gets the audience hip to the concept of Marty being “out of his time.” And of him being a kind of victim of his ignorance of Doc’s crazy experiments. You could say the “I’M LATE FOR SCHOOL” moment is essentially an echo of the time jump back to 1955 later in the movie!

    • You know this was recorded a year ago and I have absolutely no idea what this is in reference to, right?

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