4 thoughts on “BTTF Minute 55 – Title Drop

  1. This was the most disappointing minute so far. The lightning is not directly transfered into the DeLorean. A cable is used that can withhold the electricity therefor there is not a logical problem with the 300 terrawatt a lightning strike can produce. Also in Part two when the Delorean gets hit by lightning it does not over shut in time… You can see in some sequences before that the display has kind of an error and sometimes jumps to the year 1885 without anyone tipping it in.
    So all of this is correct. The only thing is that in part two the DeLorean isn´t at 88 mph when the lightning strikes, but asides that all is scientifically correct with that minute.

  2. I’ve been thinking and there’s this real impressive, understated elegance in the lightning strike and the Save the Clock Tower poster. First off, the poster prop is so casually introduced at the top of the film, and so much happens in the interim that the audience totally forgets that weird moment when Marty and Jennifer almost kissed but didn’t because a crazy clock lady wanted their quarters. Marty takes the poster in a non-committed way and it goes right into his pocket–but not before Jennifer writes something significant on it that will prevent him from immediately tossing the thing in the trash. (It’s the same consistency you guys noted in an earlier minute when Marty empties his pockets at Lou’s diner and the contents include his guitar pick. It’s almost like every prop is always accounted for and always supports its character and the plot.) And then Marty just pulls the poster out in 1955 in such a realistic, common-sense move that I never realized what good writing it took to make it that way.

    Secondly, I love thinking of Bobby G’s and Bobby Z’s thought process while writing the lightning strike into the film. They decided that a climax at a nuclear testing site would be too pricey so what’s the next biggest output of energy they could think of? A bolt of lightning. But how do you know where one is going to strike? Well Marty’s from the future, it could be a historically relevant bolt of lightning. But how do you know when it strikes? WHAT IF IT STRIKES A CLOCK AND STOPS IT AT THE EXACT TIME. It’s brilliant. And the fact that the central figure of a movie about time travel is a clock is so awesome; it is to cinema what alliteration is to poetry. I can’t get over it.

  3. Revenant to the future

    Marty McFly as Leonardo DiCaprio
    Biff Tannen as Tom Hardy
    Doc Brown as Domhnall Gleeson
    George McFly as Will Poulter
    Strickland as the Bear

  4. Really like the comments of Hayley and Claudius.

    Also, Claudius, you should have noticed by now that none of the BTTF crew is any good at maths or even anything with numbers.

    That said, they still make a very entertaining and funny podcast. Just don’t take their word for it, considering anything number-related. 😉

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